Explosion of an iPad Air - iPhone Soft

Explosion of an iPad Air – iPhone Soft

iPad AirThe explosion of a tablet or mobile is part of the real anxieties of some users and rumors of such incidents are not so rare, after the release of a new model.

This time, the story told from a Apple Store in Australia is not necessarily reassuring, because it seems real and not just a fake: an iPad Air has literally exploded in a shop in Australia.

The sellers of the Vodafone store in Canbera had just taken out an iPad Air to sell it and they had placed it temporarily on the counter. This is where the tablet exploded. The firefighters had to intervene, but fortunately, there were not the slightest injuries.

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According to the owner of the shop, flames started to escape from the screen and the shop was quickly filled with smoke. An Apple specialist has since visited the store to analyze the tablet.

As long as there is only one isolated incident, this is not a real problem for Apple, but if a second iPad Air were to flare up soon, the consequences could be more serious.