Exclusive to the iPhone: Orange calls

Exclusive to the iPhone: Orange calls

Image 1: iPhone exclusivity: Orange calls

Orange does not intend to share its iPhone. The operator refuses to undergo the decision of the Competition Council which deprives it of the exclusivity of its gold nugget smartphone. In any case, he will not accept it until all the remedies are exhausted. This is why Orange has announced its intention to appeal this decision.

The apple of discord

For their part, Bouygues and SFR hastened to welcome the decision of the competition council. The latter has even allowed to send several thousand of its subscribers an SMS to announce the good news. Orange’s official reaction was slow to come, but it has the merit of being clear: “Today’s decision is serious. It deeply challenges the market economy and in particular the partnerships between mobile operators and manufacturers serving consumers and innovation ”.

Apple’s reaction?

We must keep in mind that Orange had fought for the exclusivity of the apple phone. Its exclusivity contract was initially planned for 5 years with an exit clause for Apple from the third year. Consequently, there is nothing surprising in the relentlessness that the operator takes to keep his privilege.