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Exclusive: The iPhone 3GS arrives in Belgium on June 26!

After our article of this Thursday or we would like to inform you that the recent press release available on the Apple Belgium website displayed the date of June 19 concerning the launch of the iPhone 3GS in Belgium, Belgium-iPhone had the pleasure of being contacted by an official of Apple Benelux this Friday morning. We were told that the date, displayed in the press release, was not correct and that it would be the date of June 26 which was selected for the introduction of the iPhone 3GS in Belgium [the press release has just been corrected on the right date, note], as announced by Phil Schiller during the keynote this Monday.

This information should be formalized shortly by Mobistar.

The questions we are asking ourselves are:

– What will be the prices of this iPhone 3GS?

– Will the after-sales service always be provided by Dynafix or directly by Apple?

– Will Apple Care be possible in Belgium for this new iPhone tilt?

– Mobistar, will it, as the occasion for the introduction of the iPhone 3G, offer the same kind of launch party where Belgium-iPhone will be delighted to participate?

We will try to find the answers to these questions as soon as possible and will not fail to inform you!

We discuss it on the forum.