Exclusive: How to delete messages sent on Whatsapp even if they have been read by the receiver

Hello Friends, Today in this tutorial I am going to tell you about how you can delete sent messages on WhatsApp. We have posted a lot of tips related to WhatsApp already. But this is one of the best WhatsApp tricks you have ever seen until now.

Thanks to this trick you will be able to delete your messages sent on WhatsApp from both phones, your phone and that of the receiver. This feature was already available in other apps like Telegram. But now it is possible on Whatsapp. This feature can be used on any smartphone. But we are publishing this trick especially for Android devices.

This tutorial is specially intended for those who send messages to other people in a rush, and send them the wrong message. For example, you want to send a message to John, and you mistakenly sent it to Julie. So in that case, you feel very embarrassed, you can delete the message instantly. Even if the other person has seen the message, you can delete it with this tutorial. So, follow the simple steps below to learn more about how to delete messages sent on WhatsApp carefree, if someone else has already seen your message, this feature will work in this case too.

How to delete messages sent on Whatsapp even if they have been read by the receiver

Download the app GBWhatsApp on your phone from here Download

Install this app on your phone like any other app.

After successfully installing GBWhatsApp, just open it.

Now send a message to someone in your WhatsApp account (part of GBWhatsApp).

Long press the Message, click the menu button and Select Reminder option. (Recall)

He will ask you Reminder of this message? Click on the button RECALL to recall the message.

you are done, the message will no longer be available to both.


So guys, this was the easiest way you could use on your smartphone to delete messages sent on WhatsApp. That way it was very cool and officially by WhatsApp. So, let’s enjoy this awesome feature on WhatsApp. Feel free to share if you liked it.