Excluded: Meeting between Belgium-iPhone and Mobistar: The summary!

It was this afternoon that Belgium-iPhone had an appointment with the management of Mobistar headquarters for the long-awaited meeting, in order to obtain an answer on the hot topics of the moment that we had reported to you in our insert of this last April 21!

The interview took place as planned in the presence of the spokesperson of the group, Ms. Patti Verdoodt, and it lasted no less than two hours!

We have widely took the time to ask all the questions that were important to us, while taking care to add the most relevant of them, asked by our members, within discussion of the subject!

Find the full summary below:

Mobistar, through Orange group, continues to have the exclusive right to import and sell the iPhone 3G on Belgian territory. The after-sales service [SAV] remains insured by Mobistar itself [via Dynafix] and according to the rules dictated by the manufacturer Apple!

Out of all after-sales returns, only 10% are considered to be irreparable, after analysis. Still according to the figures obtained, 92% of so-called “repairable” devices are covered under warranty!

For devices that are not covered by the warranty due to “liquid damage“[Red pastilles], Mobistar will now bear the costs related to the estimate and transport [the famous 40eu]. Quotation and transport costs for any iPhone not covered can never exceed 40eu!

The only ones warranty conditions consider as valid are those listed on the site even from Mobistar! All Belgian resellers / distributors, whoever they are, must comply with these conditions and may not list others!

For problems related to cracks, these are generally taken under warranty, unless, after analysis, it has been found that the iPhone in question has been subjected to an external and abnormal pressure!

The "Visual Voice Mail"Is not yet on the agenda and no information is available today!

The whole 3G network Mobistar is fully HSDPA 7.2 Mbps compatible and currently covers no less than 85% Population. A penetration of 87% is the objective planned by Mobistar for the end of 2009.

Regarding the recent judgment European Court of Justice, relating to the end of the couple sale ban, Mobistar is currently examining this matter. Even if no information has been communicated to us concerning the possibility of proposing a joint offer, Mobistar, within the framework of this revision of this law, could propose such offers in the future. It is therefore not excluded that the iPhone 3G is proposed in a way simlock in the future. Mobistar, through his spokesperson, told us that he was still too early to speak on the subject.

We also insisted on knowing the sales figures of the iPhone since its appearance in Belgium in July 2008, but the management refused any comment on the subject!

Finally, regarding the imminent arrival ofiPhone V3, our spokesperson did not seem to be aware of his expected production in the coming weeks!

Do not hesitate to send us your comments, within the current discussion on the forum.