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Even with an iPhone 6, you can win a photo contest


Posted: April 11 2019
Updated: April 10, 2019

by Steve

Today, with theiPhone XS Max, we necessarily say that we are a much better photographer than anyone. After all, technology has evolved over all these years, and no one can really compete with it. ” Competitive Chinese smartphones don’t even come close! Can we hear behind the screen. Having the latest iPhone means making sure that you overwrite all other phone users regarding photography. You have the great Instagram posts and the fame among your friends.

photo iphone 6 winner - Even with an iPhone 6, you can win a photo contest

Except that the organization’s fourth photography competition Friend of the Colombia Gorge just proved otherwise. The winner of the competition? A photo taken… by an iPhone 6! Suddenly, Apple remains at the top of the ranking of the best photos. But the fact remains that the result is more surprising. She is the amateur photographer Colleen Wright who was the author of this superb shot.

Taken on September 3, 2018, near Lake Oswego in Oregon, in the United States, the photo shows a sublime landscape of forest, in the mist, with the rays of the sun which pierce the morning fog. The judges decided to award the prize to this photograph because it summed up well ” the resilience of nature in general ” This photo is proof that the latest fashionable phone is not enough to make beautiful photos: you just have to be in the right place, at the right time, and have a certain talent. All the winning shots are visible here.