the brand's first electric vehicle starting at $ 75,000?

even more people to develop its first luxury electric vehicle

Wanting like other luxury brands accused of polluting with their big and powerful engines to rebuild their virginity by developing an electric offer, and noting the success of You're here on the high end, the German luxury brand Porsche unveiled a concept at the end of September Porsche Mission E rather attractive but who does not want to give up the pleasure of driving for electronic and connected gadgets.

The concept, which is reminiscent of the Panamera, has already been validated to serve as the basis for a very concrete vehicle whose production would involve 1000 jobs, for first deliveries a little before 2020 if everything goes as planned.

Porsche Mission E 02

On the occasion of a new update on what is now the J1 Project, Porsche announced that it was finally 1400 positions which will be dedicated to the design and production of the electric model: 900 in production proper, 300 in development and 200 in administration, with a production objective of 15,000 vehicles per year.

And so as not to remain behind all the same with new technologies, the Stuttgart-based company intends to recruit 100 IT specialists and 50 digital experts for its own needs.

Porsche Mission E 03

The budget for designing its first electric vehicle is still 1 billion euros and production will be carried out in the district of Zuffenhausen (north of Stuttgart), where the famous Porsche 911 is already built, says the agency. Bloomberg, with batteries which could be supplied by the neighbor Bosch or by Panasonic (which already supplies Tesla).

Porsche Mission E 04

In terms of return on investment, Porsche must succeed in disposing of at least 10,000 electric vehicles per year to balance the economic model. If the brand manages to sell more than 20,000 a year, it will then offer comfortable margins, like what happened for the Porsche Cayenne, whose deliveries greatly exceeded expectations.