Even more autonomy for the iPhone XIR?

Even more autonomy for the iPhone XIR?

iphone xr iconOwners of the iPhone XR often praise its superb autonomy which allows it to last practically two days in normal use. If he is the best iPhone on this point, his successor iPhone XIR could do even better next September.

iphone xr 2019 dual camera

LiPhone XR 2 with a larger battery

According to sources close to Apple's subcontractors, the iPhone XR 2019 would have a more substantial battery of around 5%. given that the current iPhone XR has 2,942 mAh, iPhone XIR would therefore have a battery of 3,082 mAh.

If we add that better energy management thanks to the A13 and iOS 13 chip, it is possible that the future XR 2019 will be even more enduring.

On the other hand, the sources indicate nothing concerning the iPhone XI and XI Max. Hopefully Apple offers something at least equivalent for its high-end, because it is quite disturbing to have a model below that is better performing on one point.

Are you waiting for the iPhone XIR and its LCD screen? For the record, he would also win a double camera as we had highlighted in our concept above.