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Europe insists and wants Apple to adopt universal charger

Europe universal charger Europe insists and wants Apple to adopt a universal charger

A few years ago since Europe asked all manufacturers to offer a single charger. For its part, Apple is not of this opinion and had declared that a project thus would play on innovation:

“We believe that a regulation which imposes the conformity of all types of connectors integrated in smartphones stifles innovation instead of encouraging it and would harm consumers in Europe and the economy as a whole. We hope that the Commission will continue to seek a solution which does not limit the ability of the industry to innovate and bring attractive new technologies to customers. “

However, Europe has not been convinced by Apple’s arguments. The European Parliament retorts; a vote was taken to take it more seriously. Thus, a resolution was adopted with 582 votes in favor, 40 against and 37 abstentions. What do they want? You’ve probably already guessed it: the introduction of a universal charger for all portable devices.

The European Parliament wants “Ensure that the legislative framework applicable to a universal charger is regularly reviewed regularly to take account of technical progress”.

Furthermore, thehe Parliament also wants the European Commission take steps to best ensure the interoperability of different wireless chargers with different portable devices, consider legislative initiatives to increase the volume of cables and chargers collected and recycled in EU member states, ensure that consumers no longer have to buy new chargers with each new device.

It is estimated that around 50 million tonnes of electronic waste is generated worldwide each year, with an average of more than 6 kg per person. In Europe, the total electronic waste produced in 2016 was 12.3 million metric tonnes, or 16.6 kg on average per capita. Short life cycles for some devices also lead to more electronic waste, notes the resolution.

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