Euro 2016 football final: the winner according to Bing is ...

Euro 2016 France-Germany: social networks explode

Give them bread and games has never been such a suitable expression since last night on social networks.

In full period of confrontations between the demonstrators and the government on the subject of the labor law and in spite of the call of a second 49.3 of Manuel Valls to definitively embrace the bill, the debates offered a truce (perfectly synchronized ) on social networks.

So, since last night, social networks only have it for the match between France and Germany in the semi-final of Euro 2016. In France, 19 million spectators attended the since yesterday, many more have been unleashed on social networks.

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Antoine Griesmann has thus become the most mentioned French player on Twitter: as of last night, his name appeared on more than 160,000 publications. Paul Pogba recorded more than 25,000 match times against 24,000 for Olivier Giroud.

In total, just the space of the meeting, the Fance team has been cited in more than 212,000 publications on Twitter. We also note that 80% of the mentions of the French team had a positive connotation.

As a reminder, the group stage of Euro 2016 had recorded more than 15 million mentions with the term # EURO2016. The end of the Euro could set new records for participants on the networks.