EufyCam 2 cameras gain secure HomeKit video

Eufy, Anker's home automation division, has started distributing the update bringing HomeKit secure video (HomeKit Secure Video) to its surveillance cameras. Are concerned the eufyCam 2 and eufyCam 2C. The update is automatically deployed (firmware 2.5.9), if you don't have it yet, you just have to wait.

eufyCam 2C

The individual camera eufyCam 2, which has a range of one year, rating 149. The eggyCam 2C, which has a range divided by two, but an LED projector in addition, currently rated 99. The pack including two eufyCam 2C with a base is on promotion 209 by applying the coupon of 40.

Thanks to the support of the HomeKit secure video, the recordings are stored on iCloud for 10 days and the camera is integrated into the Home application. The video is analyzed locally to detect a movement, specific or not, and to notify you via a notification if necessary.

HomeKit secure video requires at least the iCloud 200 GB plan 2.99 / month (the 2 TB plan is necessary to connect up to five cameras). In addition, a HomeKit hub is required (iPad that stays at home, HomePod or AppleTV).