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Eric Schmidt: Google does not plan to launch a Nexus Two

Eric Schmidt

Questioned recently by the Telegraph, Eric Schmidt, President and CEO of Google, said his group would not launch a new version of its Nexus (also called “Google Phone”, editor's note).

“Last year, we had the idea of ​​launching the Nexus to try to move the market for smartphones on our Android platform. It has had some success but we have come under heavy criticism ”.

As a reminder, the Nexus One was marketed at the beginning of this year. One month after its launch, the figure of 80,000 units sold was identified. Obviously, his marketing method – having to go through the Google site to be able to get it – did not please everyone and had a significant impact on this low sales rate.

Subsequently, the group returned to its positions and indicated that their smartphone would be sold directly in stores but it would seem that this project fell into the water to finally leave this branch of activity of Google abandoned.

Schmidt said the group had no plans to "combat" Apple but that he was trying to offer something different, notably with his Android OS.

“The difference between the Apple model and the Google model is easy to understand. They are completely different. The Google model is completely open. In principle, you can have our software free of charge and even be able to modify it. You can combine them with any application, any type of material. Apple’s model is the opposite ” concluded Eric Schmidt.

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