Epic Games: Windows 10 app heats up Ryzen processors for no reason

Epic Games users have reported some CPU overheating issues due to the application, especially Ryzen on Windows 10. These issues are relatively strange since no task is supposed to be performed at this time, even in Windows 10. background. It looks like the launcher is even sending more data than the Steam and GOG averages.

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Are you ready to rush to the Epic Game Store to get Metro 2033 Redux, free for Christmas? These revelations made by Reddit users could cool you down… unlike your processor! Indeed, the application seems to do overheating CPUs for some unknown reason, since this problem occurs even when it is idle in the background. The Ryzen 7 5800X seem particularly affected on Windows 10.

According to testimonies, the temperature of the processors would have dropped by 50 ° C to 37 ° C once the application is closed. No other video game store, like Steam or GOG, displays this kind of behavior. The strangest thing is that the Epic Game Store is only supposed to perform no task during these recordings, such as updating a game.

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Epic Game Store is using CPU for no apparent reason

Glancing at the task manager, users could see that the app, which has seen its GTA V boosted roster count, is using up CPU cores and leaving them running even though it is not, in theory, nothing. Upon closer inspection, we observe that the blind actually performs five different tasks. If the purpose of the latter is still unknown, some have noticed that Epic Games regularly sends data to 22 servers whether it is open or running in the background.

Peak transfers occur when opening the application. In just an hour, it’s like this 514 KB of data that were sent to unidentified servers. It is 14 times more than Steam or even NVIDIA GeForce Experience over the same period. For now, it is still difficult to say that this data transfer is the source of the processor overheating problems. However, in the absence of viable information about the nature of the application’s tasks and the data sent, its use can be of concern.

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Source: Hot Hardware