Epic Games Store: Tropico 5 is offered free for Christmas

The Epic Games Store continues to spoil gamers for Christmas. After offering the excellent Metro 2033: Redux, players will be able to get their hands on Tropico 5, the fifth installment in the famous management saga, for free. Ready to become a dictator?

tropico 5
Credit: Kalypso Media

The Epic Games Store is quietly continuing its Christmas operation. Indeed, the gaming platform has decided to spoil players at the end of 2020 by offering them an AAA game every day, for 15 days. Suffice to say that there is, for the moment, for all tastes. Management enthusiasts were able to indulge themselves earlier this week with Cities: Skylines, while thrill-seekers got their hands on the terrifying Alien: Isolation.

Yesterday, the Epic Games Store offered the excellent Metro 2033: Redux for free, a revised and improved version of Metro 2033, with a new graphics engine and some new gameplay features. And on this Wednesday, December 23, 2020, the platform has once again decided to stroke management game lovers with Tropico 5.

The joys of the dictatorship on Tropico 5

In this groundbreaking episode, you are bombarded at the head of a banana republic during the colonial era. Until then, the action took place systematically during the Cold War. As you will have understood, one of the main novelties of this Tropico 5 is to allow players to to develop the society he has built through the ages.

Like any good management game, it will be a question here of developing the economy, industry, technologies or even leading the domestic and foreign policy of your colony while ensuring the well-being of your population. To do this, nothing better than to follow the scripted campaign of the title, rather well put together.

New in the series, Tropico 5 includes a Versus mode in which you are required to race for points by completing objectives as quickly as possible. Note that a cooperative mode is also part of the game. As a reminder, Tropico 5 will only be available until Thursday December 24 at 5 p.m.. Another free game then takes over.

In this regard, the complete list of games offered during the Christmas holidays was leaked this Monday, December 21. So far, this list has hit the mark, since OddWord, Alien: Isolation, Cities Skylines and Metro 2033 were indeed part of it. In fact and we hope, the players should enjoy tomorrow from the brilliant Inside, by the dads of Limbo.