Epic Games Store: the list of games offered on the run

A list showing the fifteen games offered by the Epic Games Store during this Christmas period has appeared on the net. This is not the first, but this one has the distinction of having typed just so far, while it was broadcast before the start of the promos.

Epic Games Store

During this Christmas period, the Epic Games Store offers one game per day for two weeks. Each day has its surprise title, and many speculate on the gifts to come. A complete list could come and give us some visibility on the matter.

Lists listing all the games offered by the Epic Games Store have flourished on social media before, but today’s is different. Indeed, it was published on December 18, last Friday, and bet right on the games offered this weekend. Indeed, we find there Cities Skylines, Oddworld New “n” Tasty, The Long Dark and Defense Grid, which were indeed free after the publication of this list.

If we believe this leak, so that would be the excellent Alien Isolation which will be offered tonight, Monday, December 21 at 5 p.m., and Metro 2033 the next day. This list comes from a young Serbian videographer who apparently has no reason to have it. Nonetheless, she’s just typing for now. Real list or intergalactic luck? We will find out tonight.

Epic Games attracts players to its web

The Epic Games Store has made a habit of attracting players to its platform by offering one free game per week. Sometimes special operations are organized. For example, last May was an opportunity for the store to give out strong titles like GTA 5 or Civilization 6. This summer, another coup was achieved with Total War Saga Troy. When officially released on August 13, it was completely free for 24 hours.

The fact of offering a game a day at Christmas is therefore totally in the strategy of Epic. Because a player who claims a free game is a player who registers on the platform. And a player who signs up is a power consumer.

And you, do you get your free games back every day? What titles on the list would you like? Tell us in the comments !