Epic Games Store: the excellent Torchlight 2 is offered for Christmas

The Epic Games Store is continuing its special Christmas 2020 operation. After being able to retrieve Alien Isolation or Metro 2033: Redux for free, users of the gaming platform will be able to get their hands on Torchlight 2, until December 31st at 5pm.

torchlight 2
Credit: Runic

In these 2020 end-of-year celebrations, the Epic Games Store is spoiling players by offering them one AAA game per day, for 15 days. We are also coming soon to the terms of this promotional operation, since the last game of this selection will be offered this Thursday, December 31 at 5 p.m.

While waiting to get their hands on this latest mystery game, players can get the excellent Torchlight 2. This hack’n slash is a worthy heir to the mythical saga Diablo. Before starting the adventure, the player will have to choose between the four available classes, among the Berseker, Engineer, Outlander, and Embermage.

Despite the fact that the title weighs a little over the years (it was released in 2012), the game remains perfectly playable and pleasant, in particular, thanks to the cartoon graphics that haven’t aged a bit. The gameplay is also particularly solid, between an extremely varied and rich loot, and well-thought-out specializations which allow to vary the pleasures. In addition, the multi mode up to 6 players promises frenzied games with friends, enough to occupy your long winter nights.

During this Christmas operation, The Epic Games Store has made sure to offer a wide variety of genres. Players fond of thrills were able to feast with the already cult Alien: Isolation, while management enthusiasts could have fun with titles like Cities Skylines or Tropico 5. As for FPS lovers, they were able to get hold of the very good Metro 2033: Redux for free.

As a reminder, you can recover Torchlight 2 free until Thursday, December 31, 2020 at 5 p.m. sharp. Then, the Epic Games Store will offer the last game of this special end of year batch. Note that if one relies on the list which has recently been leaked on the web, it is likely that the title in question is Jurassic World Evolution, a management game in which you will have to take control of your own “dinosaur park” as good old Ian Malcomm likes to say, played by the great Jeff Goldblum in the Steven Spielberg saga.