English parliament to adopt iPad

English parliament to adopt iPad

The 650 members of the English parliament will be offered an iPad by the Palace of Westminster. In total, the expenses amount to 320,000 but should make it possible to reduce the number of prints and to redistribute the material of the parliamentarians to the other employees.

320,000. This is the price the English taxpayer will pay to equip the 650 members of the English court with a new iPad. The idea is to reduce spending over the long term. In practice, the British government wants to reduce its investments in IT equipment by 60,000. The parliamentarians who will accept this new iPad will have to return the material received for his work. These computers will then be given to the other employees of the court and will allow to make big savings by living a massive investment. A justification rather difficult to accept insofar as an iPad will never completely replace a computer …

The case, which arouses some indignation in the United Kingdom, because of the price of investment in a period of crisis, benefits in any case Apple which continues to chain partnerships of choice and supports the adoption of its iPad by the ecological interest of such a device, in particular on saving paper.

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(Source: TheNextWeb)