Encryption of the invitation from Apple - Belgium-iPhone

Encryption of the invitation from Apple – Belgium-iPhone

This Tuesday afternoon, Apple invited journalists – very handy – be able to attend its next press conference on October 4. An event that will be entirely devoted to the iPhone if the illustration used in the invitation shows it. An illustration that nevertheless leaves you thinking when you see the icons subtly chosen for the occasion and this sentence "Let’s talk iPhone" which also says a lot.

With that, we had the idea to probe you about this invitation on our Facebook page. Many of you have reacted and offered your opinion on this “mystery”.

Here is a condensed of suggestions which seemed to us the most relevant:

A.C.: That it is 4 10 a.m., Cupertino (the image Plan) and that it will talk about iPhone. What else?

G.S.: The “1” on the telephone icon does not mean exactly 1 new telephone?

M.L.: October 4 at 10 a.m. RDV at Cupertino headquarters to present you a new iPhone!

M.C.: Licne is simply that of Plans in iOS. The patch 1 remains rather vague… 1 new iPhone, 1 missed call? (Steve absent …), an iPhone + 1 (Surprise) … Many interpretations possible. See you on 4.

S.T.: But if, clearly, a new iPhone 5, with perhaps even a pun on integrated voice recognition (Nuance and Siri).

The editor’s opinion:

– First icon: Tuesday October 4. The number 4 can also refer to the iPhone 4 and therefore possibly an iPhone 4S!

– Second icon: apart from the time of the event, the icon is not very revealing.

– Third icon: the address of the event on the Apple Cupertino campus.

– Fourth icon: this is the most mysterious icon! On the one hand, it is obviously referred to the functionality of the iPhone phone, but on the other hand, the little red dot remains mysterious to say the least. Would it be a blink of an eye when only one iPhone model is present or the new notification system built into iOS 5. As far as we are concerned, we are more inclined towards the second hypothesis.

iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 ? According to rumors, analysts and overlaps in recent months, we are looking more at the introduction of a new iPhone 4S rather than a complete overhaul of the device (iPhone 5). You will be possibly due if you wait for the iPhone 5 firmly. On this, if we dared to give you our conviction, we hope nonetheless to be wrong;)

See you next Tuesday for the show!

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