EMUI 11: the beta arrives on these 14 Huawei smartphones in December 2020

EMUI 11 continues to deploy. In December 2020, Huawei will open the public beta program to a list of 14 smartphones from its catalog and that of its former subsidiary, Honor. Initially, the update will be offered to Chinese users.

Huawei EMUI 11

By the middle of December 2020, Huawei will allow 14 additional smartphones and tablets to test the update to EMUI 11, report our colleagues from Huawei Central. Here is the list of affected devices:

  • Huawei mate 20
  • Huawei mate 20 pro
  • Huawei Mate 20 RS
  • Huawei Mate 20 X 4G
  • Huawei Mate 20 X 5G
  • Huawei mate x
  • Huawei nova 5 pro
  • Huawei MediaPad M6 8.4
  • Huawei MediaPad M6 10.8
  • Huawei MediaPad M6 Turbo Edition
  • Honor 20 (Magic UI 4)
  • Honor 20 Pro (Magic UI 4)
  • Honor V20 (Magic UI 4)
  • Honor Magic 2 (Magic UI 4)

As a reminder, the beta of the EMUI 11 update has already been available on the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro since the beginning of November. For their part, the Huawei P40, P40 Pro and Mate 30 Pro are currently receiving the update in the final and stable version.

How do I join the EMUI 11 update beta program?

As is always the case, Huawei will first offer the beta to smartphone users who reside in China. Secondly, the beta program will be available to users living in Europe, probably a few days later. To test EMUI 11, you will absolutely have to join the beta program. Here’s how to do it:

  • Install Huawei Beta Club app via APK Mirror
  • Launch the app and accept the terms of use
  • Log in with your Huawei ID (Huawei ID)
  • Go to the section Staff at the bottom right
  • Click on Join the program
  • Choose the program corresponding to your smartphone
  • A notification will soon inform you that an update is available
  • Go to the Settings from your mobile
  • See you in System
  • Then press System update
  • Finally, press Check for updates

Beta obliges, it is not impossible that you will encounter bugs and malfunctions. To avoid inconvenience, we invite you to wait for the deployment of the stable version. Moreover, we invite you to discover the EMUI 11 deployment schedule recently unveiled by Huawei.

Source: Huawei Central