Emmanuel Macron wants a super CSA

Emmanuel Macron wants a super CSA

YoshX wrote:

From a neutral point of view, it becomes almost sad to have to admit that Macron probably thinks as we do about parenting education. But when you see their effectiveness, I understand that after a while it is necessary that the superiors take care of it directly.

He says young people are watching TV a lot less today. Yes, because many have understood how stupid it is and how stupid they say even when they say they are telling the truth. Srieux when you see this journalist indignant at a virtual sexual assault when it was only a TeaBag …

Certainly porn is much more accessible and viewed than before, but instead of doing your stupid ads and your reports that show for the nth time that the cigarette or the notches are bad for your health, well do prevention campaigns on parental education, make reports or documentaries that show how easy it is to have control over your child's access.

In addition, by force, he will surely learn tricks to circumvent and who knows, will look further than that

In my opinion, you are mistaken on one point (it remains only my opinion and it may be me who is mistaken ).

"He says young people are watching TV a lot less today. Yes, because a lot of people understand how stupid it is and how stupid they say even when they say they are telling the truth."

I'm not at all convinced that young people watch less TV because they find it mind-numbing, on the contrary, instead they go to Youtube to watch even more mind-boggling stuff. Starting with the Norman people and I don't know anymore what another French Youtubeur, but that has the limit, it is not worse than watching sketches of other humorists. But between the videos of cats by the billions, the videos of people who explain to you that vaccines are bad, or who show you evidence that Barack Obama and Justin Bieber are reptilians, or videos of other big c ** s from Da * sh, and some end up so stupid that they go off to do jihad without having opened the Koran once to verify if it were true.

Sometimes I see my half sister and my half brother (13 and 15) spending whole afternoons watching stuff on Youtube laughing from time to time. And these are not educational or animal reports etc … just videos of people who do things with their cats, or who make a snapchat with the faceswap between father and baby etc …

In addition, lately, my little sister has been the victim of harassment (in the course, on social networks, and there it's been twice that she is beaten up at the exit), and suddenly I'm going to get her at the exit, so I see all these young people his age in front of the college. The last time, there was a fight (which did not involve my little sister, but while I was waiting for it), I hallucinate, a girl who tapped on another, surrounded by a circle of young people who were shouting "go on, get it!" and when the one who was being hit tried to move back, the young people around pushed her back in the middle so that she continued to be hit. And around the circle of young people, there was another larger circle of young people on a scooter which prevented anyone from entering or leaving the circle, making the engines yell "mèèèèè mèèè mèèèèèèèèèèèmèmèèèèè !!!". People from the college arrive, headmaster and everything, and the young people continue … until many adults arrive to stop everything, and there a young person who runs out of college and arrives at the place of the fight "damn guys !!! I told you to wait for me, I missed everything !!" cell phone in hand and filming.

For me, this kind of mental laughter is

1- parents who have completely resigned from their "job" as parents, and their teen, instead of educating and taking it back whenever it is necessary, we prefer to say "like, a smartphone, a tablet, TV and internet, you have something to do, stop bothering me "

2- social networks which, on the altar of the number of views, likes and popularity, allow these brainless young people to watch how fights are made in Paris in the neighborhoods, or in New York in the Bronx. Social networks that, by the general deviance on violence, basically show that violence is cool, it makes views, and it's even funny (I'm always shocked by a video where a girl goes on the street and 3 young people (including the one who films) in the process of loitering start to him "go ahead you're good !!" and as she does not look at him, he puts a big pie in her face and she falls to the ground, and the 3 dbilos are having fun. video posted on social networks (I can not find it now) and which had made a lot of views).

3- Young dbilos who did not cost anything at school and learned everything thanks to Tlralit where you have to shout for 4 hours and hit each other because there is one who took the last yoghurt in the fridge , some of them will soon be in their thirties and they have children, and some who became pregnant between 15 and 20 years old already have a teenager at home, so I let you imagine what it must give level education in these homes where the parents themselves are former young people who are bottle-fed and socialized. Besides, the father of the girl who beats my sister, seems to be very intelligent. Already, since the start of the school year, so September, her daughter already has 4 complaints on the back at the police station, one for harassment filed by another girl, one for harassment filed by my sister, and two for injuries sustained by my sister. . Do you think the father would have lectured his daughter? Nooooonn … he comes and he encourages his daughter to take revenge !! As she ended up being expelled and she is no longer in school, she comes to hang out in front of the college all the time. And the father even came to threaten the principal with death, to call my little sister several times by leaving him threatening messages, and even during the disciplinary council where his daughter was expelled definitively, when he had to speak , he pointed at my sister saying "look at this little princess !!". So the father is also harassing !!

So, that's why when you say that young people turned off TV because it dazed them too much, I have big doubts. We are creating generations of people addicted to their smartphones, and the worst above all, with NO CRITICAL SENSE. We see a video where a person is beaten "lol, I like!" We tell you that Facebook is spying on you in all directions "yeah well, OSEF, I have nothing to blame myself for. I want the latest iPhone with FaceID"

When all these young people who have no more benchmarks, more limits, very little education and general culture, that they follow very few rules apart from their own, when they will become adults, reproduce etc. … I let you imagine the carnage ….

PS: And m ** de, I still wrote too much