Elon Musk is 70% convinced he will go to Mars

The enigmatic Tesla CEO, who resigned as chairman of the board this month amid pressure from the Security and Trade Commission, said there were 70% chances are he’s making a one-way trip to Mars.

Elon Musk has previously spoken about his move to Mars. You may remember his announcement to SXSW in 2013: “I would like to die on Mars, but not by impact.” Five years later, he quantified the odds of that happening.

Musk made the statement while addressing the cameras in the Axios on HBO documentary series. The lead designer for SpaceX, an aerospace company based in Hawthorne, Calif., Also said SpaceX’s Mars colony would not be a ticket out of Earth for the rich.

Space X has been working on a mini rocket for some time. / © SpaceX

Musk compared his move to Mars to moving to Antarctica or climbing Mount Everest. He suggested that the first people to visit the Red Planet would spend their time building bases and trying to survive in difficult conditions. Musk thinks adventure is a challenge, a way out for the rich and famous.

Elon Musk is at the stage now, at least in the public eye, where everything he says needs to be taken with at least a pinch of salt, but his 70% chance figure of moving to Mars might not be. as crazy as it first seems.

Space X’s first rocket, the Starship, is already in development, and Musk spoke of accelerating the project when he announced the company was giving up on its dream of making its Falcon 9 rocket reusable.

Research is also being conducted on the sources of food and energy that allow civilization to survive on the Red Planet for long periods of time. You can watch Elon Musk’s interview in the video below.

What do you think of Musk’s 70% odds rating? Where do you put your own chances of ever moving to Mars? Let us know in the comments below.