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Elgg – Download – CNET France

Elgg - Download - CNET France


Software description

Elgg is an Open Source software allowing individuals, groups and institutions to set up a blog creation and management platform, thus constituting the backbone of a social network.

Elgg was thought and designed with the aim of combining the principles of blog and eportfolio within the framework of a social network, to promote the pooling of knowledge, skills, experiences, by the exchange of rich resources and varies like texts, images, audio and video files, etc.

The principle of exchanging resources in Elgg is based on the publication of thoughts, conversations, the work of communities around similar interests, without forgetting the dynamic game of interactions with websites.

Elgg is therefore a great tool for developing a collaborative process based on the participants' thinking and creative expression.

Although Elgg is intended to be hosted by those who set up their own social network, a host version is also available.