Electro Chuck now lighter

Electro Chuck now lighter

Available on the App Store for two weeks, the new Electro Chuck game (read the full presentation here) already has a new update. On the menu of new features: a pause button, bug fixes, faster loading between levels. The game now weighs 92Mb against 230Mb. The team of developers of Electro Chuck (AppSolution) is always attentive to the comments and suggestions brought by the new community that constitute the players of this game.

As a reminder, Electro Chuck is an adventure and skill game where you will have to guide a nice little fish, Chuck, – safely through the different levels, while trying to make him come into contact with the power line. The game has several worlds composed of 10 levels each where you will have to strive to collect 30 stars from each world in order to unlock the arcade mode to challenge your friends in endless looping levels and go as far as possible.

Download Electro Chuck on the App Store (1.59).

We discuss it on the forum.

The demonstration video: