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Electree: the solar bonza that recharges mobile devices

Electree: the solar bonza that recharges mobile devices

Under this bonza hides a mobile device solar charger…

The designer Vivien Muller would like to market his latest achievement: the Electree project, a solar bonza capable of recharging your mobile devices. This includes 27 solar panels made of amorphous silicon with a size of 96 x 96 mm. It is 40 cm high and has a battery with a capacity of 13,500 mAh. For example, to recharge the battery of your iPhone (1.500mAh), you will still need to count no less than 36 hours, if you place the bonza near a window likely to receive maximum sunlight. Obviously, it will take more time under artificial light. Here is a beautiful “object” that could adorn proudly on your desk or in your living room. Regarding its price, it is expected that the bonza will be sold at the price of 299. Planned, because to be able to be marketed, the French designer must have reached at least 400 pre-orders. If you are interested in trying your luck to be able to acquire it, it's this way.

We discuss it on the forum.

(Via Accessoweb )