Elder Scrolls 6: release date, features, rumors and news

Elder Scrolls 6: release date, features, rumors and news

TES or The Elder Scrolls is one of the most popular RPG franchises, now also available as an MMORPG with the game Elder Scrolls Online. The last title in the series was Skyrim, released in 2011. Skyrim still continues to have millions of players on a daily basis.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is a title to come in this series of games from the magician Bethesda. Skyrim was introduced in 2011 and there are many interesting games in this series, but fans are looking for new entertainment in the series. Fans still have a lot of fun with Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, using the Nintendo Switch, but they're ready and waiting for the next distraction, Elder Scrolls 6. However, they can wait a long time before the next fantastic game from Bethesda.

Game come

TES6 is the latest addition to the Elder Scrolls series and was announced with great fanfare using a 30-second teaser for E3 2018. The Elder Scrolls 6 is still in development. Bethesda has not shared any news regarding when it will be released or when it will unfold. However, there are many rumors circulating about the date and the setting, so check out these updates.

The trailer for Elder Scrolls 6

The teaser for Elder Scrolls 6 was published in E3 2018. Although Bethesda remains discreet about the details of TES6, the short teaser shows the unique musical theme. The trailer also shows a beautiful skybox with an overview, which points to what looks like Tamriel. It is on this continent that many games of the Elder Scrolls series occur. The trailer then ends on a note with a TES6 gold logo and voila.

Starfield and Fallout 76 previous

However, according to Todd Howard, Starfield and Fallout 76, director of Bethesda, will precede The Elder Scrolls 6. This means that Elder Scrolls 6 has a few more years before its release. According to Todd Howard, at this year's E3 show, Elder Scrolls 6 is in the pre-production phase, while Starfield is in the reading phase.

Aside from the E3 2018 trailer, Howard also confirmed on YouTube Live the E3 streaming of the year 2016 that The Elder Scrolls 6 is a project under development. However, among Starfield; TES6 and Fallout 76, TES6 will be the last to be released. According to Hines, two other cross-platform games are on the agenda, so TES6 would narrate just about the other two, namely Starfield and Fallout 76.

Probable location

The Elder Scrolls 6 project will be the sequel to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In the 6th game, players will be able to go to Tamriel and fight with weights, shields and bows for the agenda of their choice. Most of the games in the Elder Scrolls series are based in a particular region of Tamriel (which is the universe of the series) and are named after the region. For example, in 1996, the Daggerfall was located in the provinces of High Rock, Hammerfell, while Morrowind was located on the island of Vvardenfell and Oblivion Cyrodil. TES5: Skyrim was called Skyrim, the region or part of the game Tamriel. On this basis, it can be assumed that the TES6 will also be named with the name of the region in Tamriel.

So, will this region be Argonia? Squoia; Valenwood? These are the regions of Tamriel which have not yet been exploited. It could also be Morrowind, the game under this name, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind presented only one island in the province and not the mainland.

There are rumors that the most obvious choice for Elder Scrolls 6 is Black Marsh or Argonia. The Argonians are the living lizards of Tamriel. There have been older games where you could play the role of these creatures.

Valenwood also seems likely, given that Bethesda has yet to use this area of ​​Tamriel in any of its TES games. Valenwood is home to the Bosmer and it has not been well explored in the games series so far. In addition, at the time of 2014, Bethesda had published a memo asking its employees not to use the following terms: Fallout: Nuka World; Elder Scrolls VI and the Greenheart project. Interestingly, the TES6 has a project code name and that name is Project Greenheart. Now Greenheart is also the name of the city of Valenwood!

Another possibility is Elsweyr, with the arid plains and the rough badlands which shelter the Khajit. Fans also find this setting very attractive.

Elder Scrolls 6 Place

Could Akavir be on the cards?

It is also likely that Bethesda has completely managed with Tamriel for her settings for the next TES6 game. Bethesda may no longer use the Tamriel continent and may find new land. There are for example regions, like Akavir, which are in the ocean which surrounds the Tamriel continent. Akavir is a continent located east of Tamriel. Kamal's snow demons live here with the Tsaesci snakes; Tang Mo monkeys; dragons Tiger Ka Po Tun and so on. All are known as Akaviri.

According to a legend, the Akaviris ate the humans who were going to Akavir. It is very likely that players will be able to travel to this new region and live in the hostile conditions of The Elder Scrolls 6.

Elder Scrolls 6 Akavir

Fixed location?

However, Todd Howard confirmed that the location or settings for the TES6 have been corrected. He said the first thing they decided was the setting and added that you could guess the low setting on the trailer.

However, it is quite difficult to determine the location of the E3 2018 game, but it seems that it looks like Valenwood or even Elsweyr, and not Black Marsh.

For probable orders

If you're wondering about the release date of the latest version of TES6, it's unlikely to be before the end of 2019 or even 2020. Bethesda is very likely to release another trailer next year. E3 and could eventually reveal more news on the series of games. There may also be pre-orders or special editions by the end of the year.

Probable platforms / consoles

What are the platforms on which the TES6 is likely to be released? Well, of course, it will be available on PlayStation. Xbox and also for the PC. In addition, it could also be published on Nintendo. As for the consoles on which this game is likely to be published, it could be a more powerful system console from Microsoft, announced by the latter in E3.

Elder Scrolls 6 platform

Expected gameplay

It is possible that new races will also be added to the gameplay of The Elder Scrolls 6. However, there have been no new races in Skyrim, so if the setting continues to be Tamriel, there is not much luck that races be added. Another interesting addition could be the sea elves, seen in the TES Online series.

One thing that is not likely in The Elder Scrolls 6 is the multiplayer features. Skyrim already has multiplayer features. Regarding VR functionality, we have already seen a full VR experience in Skyrim, so it could be repeated in the TES6.

New ways to tell

As far as history goes, the Skyrim comes with a very unique narrative containing a lot of intriguing storylines. The player is part of a civil war in a troubled kingdom. So we expect the TES6 to come with a more exciting scenario, taking things to the next level. Todd Howard also revealed that Bethesda was trying to find ways to tell stories in games. For example, Skyrim allows players to realize their vision, while Fallout guides them more securely. Now Bethesda is trying to explore new narrative ideas.

It is possible that the TES6 has a narration line that will be between Skyrim and Fallout.

Home building features

A new feature that should be added to The Elder Scrolls 6 is the construction of houses or the creation of a city. The house design feature was already introduced in Skyrim Hearthfire DLC and was extended to Fallout 4. These features are likely to be developed further in The Elder Scrolls 6, as they weren't fully developed in Fallout. This feature will also be admirably suitable for the Valenwood setting, as players will have to adapt to nature, use the natural elements of the environment to create colonies.

Elder Scrolls 6 Features

The name

It probably won't even be called The Elder Scrolls 6. There will be a colon with another word indicating the region or location to complete the title, based on the names of previous versions of the game series.

Promising news

In an interview after E3 2018, Todd Howard talked about The Elder Scrolls 6, as well as Starfield. He said the company is considering many changes in technology, lighting, landscape for Starfield, as well as for The Elder Scrolls 6.

In addition, the game studio also advertises several Rockville Maryland positions. The editor has also opened an Austin studio, so all of these new employees are likely working for the next TES6, or they may be working on the other two projects coming from Bethesda.