Elcomsoft extracts data from an iPhone locked with Checkra1n

Elcomsoft extracts data from an iPhone locked with Checkra1n

iPhoneLike what, the jailbreak is not only good sides, far from the … ElcomSoft Co., which is developing computer security programs, including password and data recovery software, has just updated one of its destination tools for locked iPhone or iPad.

This update can be dangerous, very dangerous for people with an iOS device … Indeed, the publisher tells us the update of its tool iOS Forensic Toolkit which is nothing other than a software extraction of data for phones and tablets Apple.

This update is dangerous because it now allows to extract data from an iPhone thanks to the exploit found for the jailbreak tool checkra1n, even if it is locked by an iCloud password. This is what we already had with the ByPass iCloud.


Elcomsoft updates its tool iOS Forensic Toolkit

As the newsletter reports, the developers ofElcomSoft have just released their tool iOS Forensic Toolkit version 5.20 with the possibility of decrypting the keychain of some Apple devices from iOS 12 iOS 13.3.

For the first time since the iPhone 4, experts can access almost everything that is stock in a wide range of iPhone models. Secret discussions, cached messages, live databases and many more can be extracted from iPhone X and older models, regardless of the iOS version, says Vladimir Katalov, CEO of ElcomSoft.

The list of supported devices includes a number of models, ranging from iPhone 5 to iPhone X, many iPads as well as Apple TVs. How is such an exploit possible? Simply by using the Checkm8 flaw which was then exploited by the checkra1n team. Thus, the tool can decrypt the passwords and authentication information stored in the iOS keychain, but also files.

You should know that tools like the iOS Forensic Toolkit are the destination for professionals who want to recover damaged device data, but if it falls into the hands of malicious people, there is something to worry about …

The tool is available for purchase for 1495. A product that should interest not only those who have lost their password, but also thieves …