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Elago M4: a medium that turns the iPhone into a Mac from 1984

In January, Elago had made an impression by offering an out-of-the-ordinary charging station for theApple Watch. The accessory in question was the W3, a silicone case with the appearance of the first Mac of 1984. This week, the manufacturer repeats by launching the version for iPhone.

The M4 charging station for iPhone has the same “functions” as the version intended for the smartwatch from the brand to the apple. Here we find the representation of the Macintosh released in the mid-80s. The case of the accessory has a slot in which you insert your phone. The screen of the latter thus transforms the support into a false computer.

elago m4 iphone - Elago M4: a medium that turns the iPhone into a Mac from 1984For the design of this accessory, Elago opted for silicone so as not to damage the phone and the Lightning cable. The polymer also makes it possible to obtain a light station with walls that are soft to the touch.

The M4 is unfortunately not compatible with all versions of the Apple phone. Only iPhone 6, 6S and 7 can integrate with the station. The latter is also available in black and white / beige. In the United States, the accessory is available from $ 29.49. In France, it is possible to buy it on Amazon at a price of 35.12 euros.