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Edjing Mix4.3.7

Although easy to use, this virtual DJ set has many options; both by its basic functions and by the effects it offers. If the program is free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, it comes with additional paid content (new effects, skins, etc.). Too bad the tutorial is not further, not allowing the user to familiarize directly with all the possibilities of Edjing.

From the start, Edjing seduced by its sober and aesthetic interface. Rather limited and well distributed, the option buttons do not cover the screen; the set thus remains clearly visible and easy to handle. This has two decks, each with volume and speed control, as well as access to specific effects (loops, depth and speed filters, equalization, cue points, echo, etc.) . Many other effects are also available, but are subject to in-app purchase.

The set is surmounted by a spectrum for each of the two sound tracks present, allowing you to navigate quickly within your music. A common volume bar allows you to chain songs and create fades. Edjing There are also two practical automation functions: a “Sync” function, which allows you to lock your two tracks on the same rhythm; and an “Automix” function, to let the program take care of the transitions itself. Finally, you can record your own mixes at the touch of a button.

The application allows you to import your songs from the music library of your device, but also from Deezer or Soundclound. A “My mixes” folder brings together all of your creations.

If the full version costs 19.99 euros, it can be unlocked for free with shares, likes, recommendations and applications to install. This version includes many additional effects (autoscratch, phaser, reberbs, etc.) as well as 10 new skins for your set.