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Editors Don't Want to Unlock Titles for Players

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), a non-profit organization that defends civil liberties in the digital domain, is currently opposed to the ESF (Entertainment Software Association), which represents most of the video game publishers in the USA. It is therefore a question for the EFF to allow players to restore online functionalities of abandoned games or those more supported by their publishers.

Xbox 360 chrome controller Thus, it is not uncommon to see online games quickly abandoned by publishers who close the servers blocking part of the functionality of titles or even the entire game to its users who have paid to access the set of these services.

The measures are often explained by the lack of profitability of the network structures, the lack of players or the need for the editor to concentrate his teams on other projects.

And if the publisher no longer wishes to manage its own servers, the game very often ends up in the trap, since the DMCA prohibits any action making it possible to circumvent a means of protection, even when it is a question of creating its own server or develop content …

EFF is fighting with the USPTO to slightly modify this law and oblige publishers to allow users to bypass this part of the DMCA as long as they no longer wish to provide the online services associated with their titles themselves. . the EFF evokes a very limited framework, in particular with the necessary identification servers, or the establishment of platforms allowing players to meet to compete (no question therefore of servers of persistent universes involving complex management and heavy).

Problem, ESA is not at all of this opinion, and in a letter addressed to the UPSTO, there is absolutely no question of allowing users to circumvent the protective measures under any condition whatsoever. In the background, the EFF denounces the willingness of publishers to renew titles more quickly to reap more and more profits. A remark which has all the more value with the sports games whose releases are made on an annual rate and which thus force the players to acquire the new version to continue to benefit from the various online services.