Edge would have seduced 600 million users according to Microsoft

mEdge has won over 600 million users. In any case, this is what a job offer published by Microsoft on its official website claims. What encourage the Redmond firm to continue its efforts to convince more users to switch to Microsoft Edge.

Credit: Microsoft

In January 2020, Microsoft changed its minds regarding its Microsoft Edge search browser. The Redmond firm has chosen to opt for Chromium Edge, a browser based on free software developed by The Chromium Project. This change of engine has made it possible to deploy Edge on almost all available platforms, such as Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

However, as evidenced by a job offer published by the American giant on its official website, this strategy has borne fruit since 600 million users have adopted Microsoft Edge. So, in this advertisement for a position of Chief Software Engineer for Microsoft Edge, it reads:

Microsoft Edge said some time ago that it will make the web better through more open collaboration, while Edge promises users to always do more. Thanks to greater availability, Edge has already reached 600 million users and takes a new approach to navigation by putting the user at the center of the experience, whether on Windows 10, from previous versions of Windows, on Mac and Android ”.

A roadmap already established for Edge in 2021

As you can read in Microsoft’s announcement, the company specifies that it has “reached” 600 million users. In other words, it’s hard to know if the company claims to have reached 600 million customers or if Edge actually has 600 million users.

But anyway, it is clear that the various strategies put in place by Microsoft to popularize its browser seem to be working. During the summer of 2020, Microsoft Edge was crowned as the best anti-phishing browser by an American company specializing in computer security. Microsoft also has a busy roadmap for Edge in 2021 with the addition of vertical tabs, the deletion of cookies, and the detection of PDF readers. These new features will be available during the month of January 2021.

Source: Windows Central