Edge: vertical tabs, deletion of cookies, here are the new features expected for January 2021

Microsoft is preparing an update to Edge for next January, and it will bring its share of new features. Vertical tabs, detection of PDF readers or the deletion of non-priority cookies, we take a look at what awaits you for the start of the coming year.

Microsoft Edge

Edge is on the cusp of new features, Microsoft said. Even if downloading the browser from Chrome and Firefox has become complicated, these new options could convince you to switch to the successor to Internet Explorer. The firm is clearly aware that Edge’s popularity stems from its minimalist interface and the possibility of adjusting privacy settings, since the new products presented are in line with these qualities.

Already available to Canary Edge users, these features will be rolled out in a major update that will take place in january next year. Microsoft specifies that some will have to wait until March to be able to take advantage of it. Note also that Adobe recommends uninstalling Flash Player in order to discontinue its support. Some content may therefore be affected on the browser.

Find out what’s coming soon for Edge

After allowing Android users to sync their tabs with their PCs, Microsoft is continuing its work on this browser item by creating a alert message when they are about to close several tabs at the same time. It will be possible to prevent the window from opening in the future.

Another great novelty: the appearance of a button allowing toorganize your tabs vertically, on the left of the browser. You can also preview pages in your tabs by hovering your mouse over them.

edge preview tab

Microsoft has also worked on the Protection of personal data of its users, leaving the possibility of delete non-priority cookies. The browser will be able to filter all cookies based on your search, as well as classify them by name, number and size.

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Finally, Edge will detect the default PDF reader on the user’s computer and will automatically open it in Windows 10 when needed. Microsoft has announced that it is working on a feature that will bring up a window with the definition of a selected word in a document.

Source: Windows Latest