Edge on Android finally syncs tabs with your PC

The Edge browser on Android welcomes a new update on its beta version. It is now possible to synchronize open tabs with your computer. However, the feature is currently only reserved for a handful of users.

Credit: Windows Central

Microsoft Edge welcomes a new feature on its Android version: the synchronization of tabs with the desktop version. It is now possible, for some users, find open tabs from their smartphone to their PC and vice versa. History is also affected, like Google Chrome.

This feature comes with the update and is only for the beta version. More so, it seems only a handful of users can take advantage of it at the moment. Windows Central, which has obtained screenshots showing how the thing works, indicates that this feature is still in test version.

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It will therefore be easier to juggle from one platform to another with this option. Note that there was already a certain convergence between the mobile and the PC. Indeed, the browser was already saving favorites or passwords with your profile. It was also possible to open a specific tab on mobile if it was open on PC. Thus, Edge is inspired by Chrome in building a multi-platform ecosystem. Microsoft is indeed betting a lot on its new baby, which (re) made its big debut at the beginning of 2020 with a version based on the Chromium engine.

A navigator who improves himself like good wine

Edge has been around since the release of Windows 10 in 2015. Replacing the august Internet Explorer, the browser failed to convince despite its good strengths. Microsoft has decided to review its copy by releasing a new version based on Chromium. Faster, it also has the advantage to be compatible with most extensions of Chrome. Over the course of the updates, Edge Chromium has become more and more interesting, even offering new features compared to its competitors.

Microsoft is also looking to extend it to mobile, still like Chrome. With this new feature, the Redmonde firm goes even further in this sense and continues to make Edge more and more attractive as the months go by.

Source: Windows Central