Edge finally allows you to synchronize tabs and history between all devices

Microsoft Edge finally offers the synchronization of tabs and history between all devices. This feature, particularly popular with users, is already present on Google Chrome and Safari.

edge synchro
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Edge continues to keep up with the times. Indeed, the search browser has just acquired a particularly expected and appreciated feature: synchronization of tabs and history between all devices. The Redmond firm is gradually deploying this feature, so don’t panic if you can’t access it yet.

To activate these two options, simply go to Microsoft Edge Settings, then in the tab Profiles. Here, you will have to click on Synchronize, then on Activate synchronization. The buttons for history and open tabs are located just below the dedicated password sync button. Note, however, that the same operation will have to be carried out on all of your devices, whether on your PC or your mobile.

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Credits: Capture Phonandroid

Your tabs everywhere, on all devices

Concretely, what is the use of tab synchronization or “Tab Syncing ” as Microsoft likes to call it? Thanks to this feature, you can simply find your open pages on any medium: Android, iOS, PC running Windows 10, mac, etc. Same principle for browsing history. Convenient for juggling for example between your professional and personal computer.

As a reminder, this feature was initially due to land in the summer of 2020. Finally, the tab synchronization between Android and PC arrived for beta testers and developers in December 2020. After a few weeks of testing, the feature is operational and ready for large-scale deployment.

As a reminder, Microsoft announced the arrival of several new features on Edge in January 2021. Thus, users will be able to organize their tabs vertically. In addition, it will be possible to preview the pages in your tabs by simply hovering the mouse over them.

Regarding the security and confidentiality aspect, users will have the option of deleting non-priority cookies. According to the latest figures from Microsoft, Edge has attracted 600 million users since its redesign under Chromium in January 2020.

Source: The Verge