Eddy Cue talks about C + and France TV

Eddy Cue talks about C + and France TV

Eddy Cue talks about C + and France TV – iPhone Soft

apple tv itv iconEddy Cue met the French press this week at the Apple Music Festival. He took the opportunity to evoke the Apple TV also.

While we were recently talking about the lack of enthusiasm of French channels for the new Apple TV, this reputed leader of the brand at the apple mentioned the interest of France TV and Canal + for this solution in an interview for the Obs.


"The future of television is thought to be in applications. With our new Apple TV, the ecosystem will open to everyone. This will allow for example in France to Canal + or France Televisions to make great apps to access content, but also to start-ups that can offer videos and interactivity enabled by the remote control."

Let's hope that the bosses of these two French groups will be as enthusiastic as Mr. Cue in offering improved versions of their applications for the 4th generation Apple TV.

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