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Ebooks: Apple could pay $ 840 million

Ebooks Apple - Ebooks : Apple pourrait payer 840 millions de dollars

Ebooks Apple - Ebooks : Apple pourrait payer 840 millions de dollars


Posted: February 3 2014Updated: February 3, 2014

by Youssouf

Apple received a new claim for more than $ 840 million for conspiring with publishers to increase the price of ebooks across the industry.

The request, filed Friday in New York by a lawyer carrying out a collective lawsuit in favor of the customers of ebooks in 33 states, comes from the antitrust lawsuit successfully led by the United States Department of Justice against Apple in the summer of 2013 Using evidence presented during last year’s trial, attorney Steve Berman first claims that Apple owes these US buyers at least $ 231 million.

Apple Ebooks - Ebooks: Apple Could Pay $ 840 MillionThe $ 231 million comes from an estimate provided by one of the trial witnesses, claiming that Apple’s agreement with publishers to use an “agency model” for the price of ebooks has resulted in an increase. 14.9% of the sales price. It is in fact an agreement under which publishers fix the final price of ebooks sold by Apple, the latter receiving 30% on each sale.

This increase comes from the fact that Apple charged an average price of $ 12.99 for each new ebook, more than the average of $ 9.99 previously billed when Amazon was the main ebook retailer…