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Easy-m takes over Mac Line and becomes the most important Belgian "APR"

Easy-m takes over Mac Line and becomes the most important Belgian "APR"

The family business announces the takeover of the 8 Mac Line establishments as well as theteaches ICLG.


Following the bankruptcy of the Franco-Belgian group eBizcuss, which included the Mac Line and ICLG brands in Belgium, a curator was looking for a buyer for these establishments. And it is now done since we learn this Thursday evening that it is the Easy-m company which takes over all of these establishments.

Concretely, easy-m takes over the actions of the owners of Mac Line and the Belgian goodwill de Bizcuss due to bankruptcy.

Easy-m thus becomes the most important retailer in Belgium, with 18 establishments spread all over the territory, an expected turnover of around 80 million euros for this fiscal year and around 165 employees.

It is the only Apple retailer with national coverage, making deasy-m the appropriate IT partner for the enterprise market. B2B is indeed an important part of both the easy-m and Mac Line business activities.

Mac Line and Avenue Louise stores are perfect selling points, with dedicated staff, and good numbers says Annick Maes, Grante deasy-m. In 2011, Mac Line was even one of the Gazelles of Trends / Tendances. They were just unlucky enough to go into bankruptcy for their eBizcuss parent company. We are taking over the stores, together to form the largest Belgian network of Apple retailers, both for businesses, individuals and education. Easy-m is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, which offers Mac Line customers and staff the stability they need after some turbulence.

Annick Maes explains the three objectives of this recovery:

“Growth, which makes us stronger in the face of competition. More and more retailers can sell Apple products. It is true that we have added value in terms of our tight service offering, product expertise and, of course, our own repair service, but it is clear that growth is important in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow".

“This takeover will allow easy-m to now also be active in Wallonia and Brussels. For us, French-speaking Belgium was hitherto untapped ground. In the future, we will be able to direct our arrows not only towards the private individuals market, but also towards the important B2B market in Brussels and Wallonia. Easy-m thus has the largest Belgian network of Apple retailers ”.

“In the future, we will offer not only Apple devices, but also the full range of easy-m products, from office furniture to small office items to peripherals, across the country.“.

“We want to keep moving forward with our entire team and our new easy-m group. I look forward to the collaboration with the people from Mac Line and the Avenue Louise store. adds Annick Maes.

Mac Line was founded in 1990. In 2004, the three current grants made a management buy-out. The French eBizcuss took over Mac Line in April 2011, but encountered difficulties and finally went bankrupt in May 2012. The court sought a buyer for the Mac Line and ICLG sites, and today chose easy-m as buyer .

We look forward to working with easy-m say Bruno Kesteloot, Yves Singul and Christophe Dalla Valla, Mac Line grants. Easy-m is for us the best possible partner because we share the same philosophy and the same values. We also see as a considerable asset the fact of having together a national coverage at the level of our stores, and thus being able to serve customers in Brussels and on both sides of the linguistic border. they conclude.

According to Matre Goffin van Aken, the Franco-Dutch lawyer deasy-m who was responsible for the takeover, easy-m offers, as a buyer, strong guarantees and stability. All this as well as the quality of the trade-in offer which guarantees employment but also a growth in points of sale has convinced the Paris Commercial Court to opt for the deasy-m trade-in offer for the Belgian subsidiary of eBizcuss.

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