EA spends $ 1.2 billion to buy Codemasters, creator of Dirt and Project Cars

EA will buy a large studio specializing in racing games: Codemasters. The American firm has in fact reached an agreement with the person concerned with an offer of $ 1.2 billion. EA thus shouts courtesy to another video game giant, Take Two, also interested in a takeover.

Dirt 5
Dirt 5. Credits: Codemasters

Codemasters is a British video game studio specializing in racing games. We owe him the series of Dirt, Project Cars or even F1 simulation games. It should soon become the property of Electronic Arts (EA) since a $ 1.2 billion purchase agreement has been reached. EA thus extends courtesy to Take Two, another giant of the video game, which had made him an offer of 870 million dollars. A surprise arrival which concludes a huge deal in the industry.

EA already has strong licenses for racing games, such as Burnout or Need for Speed. With the takeover of Codemasters, the Californian firm would thus place itself as an absolute leader in this field, grabbing not only big licenses, but also talented developers. However, we can still be worried about this virtual monopoly in the sector.

EA, leader in racing games

For the moment, nothing has been done yet, since a simple agreement in principle has been found. Nevertheless, the transaction should take place during 2021 and we should see the results of this operation in a few years.

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A large-scale transaction in the industry, which is currently the scene of many major takeovers. In this area, it is impossible not to mention Microsoft. The latter in fact redeems with a vengeance to strengthen its video games part. Not long ago, the American giant, for example, broke its piggy bank to afford Bethesda, a studio behind DOOM or the Elder Scrolls.

EA’s takeover of Codemasters is on a smaller scale, obviously, but just as important to racing game fans. It remains to be seen how EA will complete its purchase in the future, if it is well recorded.