DxOMark praises Note 9’s Pixel 3 for selfies

Image 1 : DxOMark fait l'éloge du Pixel 3 du Note 9 en matière de selfies

Image 1: DxOMark praises Note 9's Pixel 3 for selfies

The majority of tests analyze the rear sensors. However, front sensors are widely used. DxOMark then designed a test based on several criteria such as colors, sharpness, contrast, exposure or even skin tone. Pixel 3 and Note 9 stood out and got a score of 92. Next are the Mix 3 (84), the iPhone XS Max (82) and the S9 Plus (81).

Pixel 3 and Note 9: different strengths

DxOMark paid attention to details. The team designed a mannequin with realistic skin to check the results. Specialists have analyzed more than 1,500 photos and two hours of video. In case the images are too smooth, they have removed points.

The Pixel 3 stands out for the texture and details while the Note 9 presents photos sharper. According to the jury, the Google smartphone is better for the photo while that of Samsung excels in video.

If we take into account the results obtained by the rear sensors, the Galaxy Note 9 occupies the top of the ranking with 195 points. The Pixel 3 and its 193 points comes in second position.

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