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Duplex: Google Assistant docked on Chrome to fill out your forms

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Google Duplex is now available on the web as Google Assistant in Chrome. The wizard now goes beyond the voice and helps you in different tasks on the web like filling forms via the Chrome browser. For example, it is possible to book movie tickets in the simplest way in the world by asking Google Assistant to make your way.

Duplex: Google Assistant arrives on Chrome

Google Duplex makes its merry way. Announces the Google i / o of 2018, this is a feature based on Google Assistant to enrich the possibilities offered to users. Duplex works as a robot capable of making calls your place to reserve a place in a restaurant or at the hairdresser's. At the 2019 edition of Google i / o, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of the firm announced his intention to tender Google Duplex on the web.

Clearly, the AI ​​will no longer limit the voice, but will also help users perform different tasks on the web via Google Chrome. For example, you can book a movie ticket for a particular movie or rent a car online. It is not your responsibility to fill out the form, Google Duplex will take care of it almost entirely.

Duplex: Google Assistant can now reserve a movie ticket for you

Google today announces the launch of the feature Google Assistant in Chrome after several weeks of testing. Artificial Intelligence is now helping Internet users save online movie tickets via Google Assistant, a first step before many other support opportunities. Functionality is currently available in the United States and the United Kingdom. Specifically, it will be enough to search for a film on the Google engine or by voice with Google Assistant on Android. You will then be able to trigger the booking process, the majority of which is guaranteed by artificial intelligence, from the filling of the form to the payment.

Google announces it is partnering with 70 movie theater companies or ticketing companies including AMC, Fandango, MJR Theaters and in the United States and Odeon in the United Kingdom. The service relies on data stored in Google Chrome to pre-populate certain personal information you need. For the rest, the process is semi-automatic. Google offers its own interface allowing you to interact very quickly to make precise decisions. For example on the number of places wanted, the seats or the broadcast time wishes.

You can then validate the payment of the tickets with a credit card or other Google Pay associated source. This feature is available for the moment only on Android smartphones via the Chrome browser or directly in Google Assistant, but not yet in France. The Mountain View company plans to go beyond movie tickets and offer more opportunities to users in the coming months.