In space, no one can hear you scream

No, this is not a horror game, but an arcade game in which you control two spaceships.

Sorry. In which you control two spaceships simultaneously. This nuance is actually at the heart of the game.

Duet is a game we like to hate. It will bring you as much satisfaction from nervous breakdowns.

Super simple gameplay for a super difficult game

As the developers like to point out, the rules of the game are very simple: stay calm and avoid obstacles.

You therefore advance in space, with two vessels whose movements are linked. If one moves, the other also. These vessels, represented by a red point and a blue point, are connected by a circle.

The goal is to make them advance as far as possible, ideally until the end of the levels, if your nerves hold up until then.

But the course is strewn with pitfalls. More particularly of asteroids having different geometric shapes.

The “problem” is that your vessels do not move on a horizontal axis which would allow them to avoid obstacles by going from right to left.

No, it would be too simple.

The vessels move on their circular axis. When one moves, the other follows the movement.

All you have to do is press on the right of the screen to rotate your ships to the right, and on the left to go in the opposite direction.

“What is simple can quickly become complicated”

Unfortunately, reading these lines, you can’t see the tears running down our face after a few minutes of playing on Duet.

If you are the type to throw a joystick to the ground when you lose, please put your smartphone on the ground immediately and take three steps back.

The genius (and perversity) of this game is to offer a gameplay of a formidable precision. The vessels respond to the finger and the eye and never go out of their axis.

It is therefore impossible to accuse the game for the many defeats that you will suffer.

You are responsible for your defeats, but also for your victories.

Because yes, it is possible for the most persistent among you to finish a few chapters. When this happens to you, you will experience a satisfaction that few games can offer.

But before you get to this nirvana, you’re going to have to fail over and over again. To remind you of where you come from, the obstacles are stained with the color left by your ships by crashing on them during their last trajectory.

Do you want more ?

Duet offers no less than eight chapters to vary the pleasures and the phases of play. The 25 successes are also there to make you want to go always further.

The game is playable for free, but you will sometimes have to watch an advertisement between the parties.

The paid version at € 3.29 allows you to remove ads, unlock the game modes, chapters and unlimited mode. What to offer Duet endless replayability.

If the challenge is still not enough for you, the paid version also offers daily challenges.

A soundtrack with onions

The developers at Kumobius surrounded themselves with a renowned electronic music composer in the person of Tim Shiel.

The game’s soundtrack fits perfectly with the gameplay. Captivating, hypnotizing, it allows you to focus fully to overcome obstacles.

If you play headphones and you persevere (die) long enough, you are likely to return to a state of “flow” which will cut you off completely from the outside world, your eyes riveted on the fate of these two colored points in the ‘space.

You will love or hate playing Duet. Maybe both at the same time.