DuckDuckGo takes advantage of Whatsapp failure to record 100 million searches in one day

100 million: that’s the number of requests made in a single day in January on DuckDuckGo, a new record for the search engine. Google’s direct competitor has made protecting the privacy of its users its specialty. This positioning has enabled it to take advantage of the Whatsapp T & Cs affair, which has caused an exodus of users to services that require less personal data.

Credit: Unsplash

The rise of DuckDuckGo can no longer be stopped. Since its creation in 2008, the search engine has captured the hearts of many Internet users. And for good reason: in an environment where personal data sells for a gold price, this one preferred make confidentiality a priority. An issue to which more and more users are paying attention, as proof of the recent controversy that Whatsapp suffered after the change of its T & Cs.

The latter was not without consequence for the messaging app, which has seen many of its angry members leave it for other more privacy-conscious platforms, like Signal and Telegram. These are not the only ones to have benefited from this case: for the first time in its history, DuckDuckGo has realized one day at 100 million searches. A new personal record that confirms the rise in power that the search engine has known for 2 years.

DuckDuckGo sees its number of searches explode

Indeed, the competitor of Google went from 15 billion searches in 2019 to 23 billion in 2020, an increase of 65%. That same year, the search engine became the second most featured on Android. Encouraging figures for DuckDuckGo, but also for internet privacy advocates.

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Especially since the firm operates in an environment almost monopolized by Google. With its 2 billion requests per month, the search engine is still far from 5 billion registered by Google in a single day. The latter thus encompasses 89.19% of market share, leaving the crumbs to Bing (5.86%), Yahoo (2.64%) and its other competitors. In the USA, DuckDuckGo’s market share increased by 1.94% the last days.

Source: ghacks