DU Battery Saver – Power Saver

DU Battery Saver - Power Saver

Despite abundant advertisements, DU Battery Saver is a good Android application to save battery. Among its strengths, the application is very simple to use and offers a widget to define a new mode of energy saving.

What to do with DU Battery Saver?

00D2000008777906-photo-du-battery-saver.jpgLike Battery Doctor, DU Battery Saver is one of the most popular battery saving apps for Android users. It is intended for beginners who wish to improve the battery life of a smartphone or tablet.

The editorial staff still recommends paying close attention to the applications already installed and uninstalling them manually to save the device’s resources. Remember that an application that is not in use still consumes RAM and possible mobile data.

Its functions under the microscope

Like the vast majority of apps of the same ilk, DU Battery Saver offers a widget that allows you to change the device’s energy saving mode. The user is free to choose from several available modes.

The application also includes a tool dedicated to cooling the battery, which allows you to interrupt the most consuming applications. However, the user clearly lacks options to properly define the processes to stop or not.

Just like Battery Doctor, DU Battery Saver offers the possibility of optimizing the battery charge cycle as best as possible and keeping an eye on the calendar for the various previous cycles.

Its grip

The big black point of this application, and many others in its category, remains and will remain pop-up advertisements which even come to invade the lock screen of the phone.