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Drop test: the impressive iPhone XS of resistance

The new drop tests iPhone XS multiply on the canvas. After TechSmartt (read: iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max: an encouraging first drop test), the Youtuber Zack Nelson posted a video on his channel JerryRigEverything where he assesses the resistance of the smartphone.

iphone x drop test 1024x576 - Drop test: the impressive iPhone XS of resistance

Regarding Apple’s claims about the resistance of the new iPhones, Youtubeur said he was skeptical. Moreover, he specifies at the beginning of his video that he had not really been impressed by the results of the iPhone X. For the iPhone XS, he made the decision to carry out several tests, at different heights , with and without protective shell. In the end, he admits to being very surprised by the solidity of the phone.

David Rahimi also posted a video on his Youtube channel PhoneBuff. The famous Youtuber tech has chosen to confront the iPhone XS Max with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. In theory, the slab of the iPhone is more resistant than that of the Korean smartphone. David observed that the falls got the better of the large Apple model, leaving areas irreparably damaged. In the end, Note 9 would win by a small point.

As a reminder, the American firm announced, during the last keynote, that it manufactured ” the toughest glass ever made for a smartphone