Drone carrying drugs crashes in Mexico

Drone carrying drugs crashes in Mexico

Flying drones are becoming a real headache for governments and authorities. Whether it is to make passers-by take risks by making them fly over inhabited areas to take aerial shots, to fly over French nuclear power plants or the Élysée Palace, they are also used more and more by criminal networks to transport prohibited objects and products.

Meth drone Thus, a new trend is rife in Mexico: crossing the border with drones loaded with drugs.

The American DEA is thus particularly monopolized at the level of the Mexican border, since flying drones are more and more often used to play the role of drug smuggler. The objective is therefore for traffickers to avoid border controls and limit the risk of arrest since pilotage is done remotely.

Despite everything, the drones currently available from civilians have a drawback: their power does not allow them to carry heavy loads. For example, Mexico recently mentioned the crash of an overloaded drone trying to pass 3kg of methamphetamine. The crash took place near the city of Tijuana.

According to local police, the load was too heavy for the drone to maneuver with precision. In addition, the motors subjected to high stress would also very quickly have exhausted the batteries of the machine whose autonomy is already limited to a few tens of minutes.

Using larger and more powerful drones is not an option, simply because they attract attention more easily. DEA says it has spotted more than 150 drone border crossing attempts since 2012, and that's just the visible surface of theHeinsenberg iceberg.

But if smugglers use new technologies to expand their activities, the authorities also use drones to monitor the borders. The main aim, however, is to monitor illegal immigrants.

Elsewhere, drones are also used to spot cannabis plantations, when others attempt to route cell phones and other weapons into prisons with these flying drones.

The USA has been developing for a few years laser weapons capable of destroying these flying drones flying over sensitive areas, and even from ships.