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Dream League6.13

Dream league is a simple to play soccer game. It allows you to build your dream team with players under official license. It offers single and multi modes with a long lifespan but has some shortcomings in the face of competition including its perfectible AI, a cruel lack of tactical options and too vague personal development of players. However, it remains ideal for a good start!

A competitor to PES and FIFA Mobile

Dream league is a free soccer game for smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 and up. Like Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA Mobile, this game allows you to build your dream team and bring your team to the top.

The game has official licenses to find thousands of real players who play in a fictitious league. To start well, it will be necessary to create a club by customizing the name, logo, uniform and number of the players.

How to play ?

Dream league offers two modes of solo and online play. In the first case, it is possible to advance your club in one of the 6 divisions with progressive difficulty. During each season, it will be possible to play cups and many challenges to expand its record.

After 5 solo games, the game unlocks the possibility of playing online against opponents from the world over thanks to a ranking system similar to ELO and 10 divisions. Note also the integration of a local multi to face friends over Wi-Fi.

An easy to learn game

The game offers a basic tutorial to take control of the game controls consisting of a virtual analog joystick on the left to move its players and three buttons A, B and C for offensive and defensive tasks such as passes, shots or pressing and tackling. Technical gestures are available by simply sliding your finger across the screen.

However, this handling may prove to be too simple for purists. The game unfortunately ignores many options and tactical adjustments and the personal development of the players.

A beautiful atmosphere

Even if the game is graphically below the competition, the game is at 60 frames per second and the atmosphere of the matches is faithfully reproduced thanks to comments in English and quality weather effects. However, the AI ​​can be improved during certain game actions, notably the reactions of the defenders and the goalkeeper. Finally, welcome the very good slow motion management to record and review the best goals and opportunities.