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Draw, write directly on a PDF without spending anything

Draw, write directly on a PDF without spending anything

Conventional PDF readers do not allow you to draw or write freehand on documents. Many software, including Adobe Acrobat Reader, make it easy to highlight text or add your signature. Others change the layout of the document, usually for a certain investment.

What if you just want to change plans or your child wants to draw?

Here are the simplest tips for transforming a PDF document into one or more images from which you can edit using an artistic application.

We have chosen completely free programs, but nothing prevents you from using Photoshop or an application such as Procreate.

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Draw or write on a PDF from an iPad

The first step is to transform your PDF into an image or a series of images. If your PDF has only one page, then take a screenshot, if there are several, do the same for each page.

You can help yourself from to convert your PDF to JPG, you will then have to either download each JPG or compress them to ZIP. Note that using ZIP files on iOS is painful because it is not possible to extract all the files at once.

Also, be careful, we know nothing about the people behind, we advise you to avoid it for legal and confidential documents.

Once you have your images, you will need an artistic app. We recommend the free Autodesk Sketchbook app.

It has a large number of tools and is very accessible to the youngest. It will come in handy for simply adding notes to a document, letters, numbers, etc.

For the most artistic of us, there is the Sketch app.

Draw or write on a PDF from a tablet

The process is identical to the previous one, on iPad, take a screenshot of each page. Then use Autodesk SketchBook to draw or write on your images.

If you have an Amazon Fire tablet, then ArtFlow is more suitable.

Draw or write on a PDF from a Mac or PC

The ideal software for editing PDF from a computer is Adobe Photoshop. It allows you to open PDF directly, by choosing the pages you want or by opening them all.

However, Photoshop is not free, so the subscription allows you to use Photoshop for the iPad also, but not to open PDF …

If your PDF document is made up of several pages, then use pdf2jpg.

As before, once the screen prints have been made, download an app like Autodesk Sketchbook; it exists for Mac and Windows.