Draw Something 2: even more tools, even more words

Draw Something 2: even more tools, even more words

Image 1: Draw Something 2: even more tools, even more words

A little over a year ago, Zynga bought the publishing company of Draw Something (OMGPOP), for the tidy sum of $ 200 million. Despite the immense popularity of the game, it was time to recoup this expensive investment, which had hurt society on the stock market: Zynga therefore released a second part of the famous drawing game. Without proposing anything revolutionary, Draw Something 2 dust the game nevertheless brings more than 5000 additional words and offer new drawing tools like stamps or markers. What satisfy the fans and conquer new users who would have missed out…

The principle of Draw Something is relatively simple, but devilishly effective: draw a word displayed on the screen, in order to make it then guess at a friend, a contact Facebook or one completely unknown opponent. The business gets worse, because in the free version of the game, there is initially only one limited color palette. Fortunately, we can widen its range of tools as it progresses in the game. However, in the paid version, the range of colors is wider, even if we keep the possibility of acquire more colors over the course of the game. But the main attraction of this game lies mainly in its social dimension. Whether you are playing against your friends or famous strangers, you can send them a little message and share their creations on their Facebook wall. Some achievements are also so successful that they make the cabbage of Zynga and its Facebook wall. We also devoted a complete dossier to them last year.

Unlike the first part, whose French version was delayed for more than 3 months, this new version comes out directly in edition multilingual. Note, however, that the game is only available for the moment to owners ofiPhone oriPad, Zynga has not yet communicated on a possible release on Android or Windows Phone.

Download Draw Something Free for iPhone.