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DraStic DS Emulatorr2.3.0.2a

DraStic is a Nintendo DS emulator for Android. Apart from a few bugs, the gameplay is generally fluid. The application emphasizes personalization, in particular concerning the organization of screens and keys. Too bad the free version is so restrictive, with its 30 minutes of daily play allowed and the impossibility of saving.

If Nintendo DS emulators are legion on the Play Store, most of them fail to offer a sufficiently fluid and stable gameplay to be relevant. This is not the case with DraStic, which despite some bugs, delivers very good display performance and allows a pleasant gaming experience. To launch a title, simply indicate to the application the directory in which you have placed your roms.

The program is also distinguished by the extensive customization it offers, in particular its screens and its controller. You can define their size and layout yourself or choose one of the models offered. A configuration which can be taken into account globally or specifically for each game; ideal since the use of multi-screens differs from one game to another.

During the game, a button allows you to access some basic functions: mute the sound, activate the microphone, the turbo mode, save or load a game, switch screens or access the settings. These are numerous, between video (speed, graphics filters, etc.), audio (volume, latency, etc.) or linked to the controller (button opacity, dead zone, configuration of external joysticks, etc.). Note the possibility of playing in landscape mode, as well as setting a default language for multilingual games.

Unfortunately, the free version of DraStic only allows 30 minutes of daily play and prohibits the saving of your games. Turning to the full version at 4.49 euros therefore seems inevitable if you want to extend the experience.

If you don’t have an Android device, you can turn to DeSmuME, available on Windows and Mac OS.