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Dragon Balls Legends1.9.0

Smooth combat, simple controls and a long lifespan, Dragon balls legends offers a Story mode with an original character as well as a rich and complete PvP mode. Special mention to the graphics and the atmosphere which are of high quality. Download for free on Android!

An intense fighting game

Dragon balls legendsDragon ball legends is a free fighting game that allows you to find all the characters in the universe of Dragon Ball in intense 3D battles that combine action, reflexes and reflection. It also allows you to have fun in solo or multiplayer via a combat system that mixes intense close or long combat as well as action via different types of action cards.

A character named Shallot

Wise enthusiasts will be thrilled because Dragon ball legends offers a solo story in which we play an original character, a former Saiyan called Shallot who meets a host of characters and discovers the power of crystal balls and must form a team of fighters.

The game thus offers a Story mode divided into several episodes which mix the characters of the different chronologies. The objectives are multiple between the leveling up of each character of the team, the acquisition of trading cards and new powers.

The fights are simple to take in hand and can be controlled with a finger, not without effort, to dodge, manage your Ki gauge to use art cards to launch a buff, and melee combos or from a distance or special attacks like the Kaméhaméha.

The game takes on another dimension online with dynamic combat and a ranking and ranking system. It features clashes against players from around the world and to challenge team members.

A faithful and successful atmosphere

Whether it’s the graphics or the soundtrack, Dragon ball legends is faithful to the license and will delight fans of the universe. With two levels of quality available, the 3D graphics are magnificent, the music is epic and the voices in English or Japanese are sublime.

The lifespan of the view is substantial because you have to level up each member of the team and take advantage of the bonuses, mission rewards and accessories gleaned over the battles. It is also possible to send your characters on a mission or in exploration to collect more bonuses.

Finally, note that it is necessary to have a device with Android 6.0 or more and with at least 2 GB of RAM.