Dragon Age Inquisition free on Xbox One on a hard limit

Released last year on PC and home consoles, Dragon Age Inquisition had a lot to do to regain the confidence of fans of the first part who were greatly disappointed by a continuation far too action oriented. Winning result for the Bioware studio, since this third component proves to be brilliant, despite some minor flaws.

Dragon Age Inquisition Free Xbox OneMicrosoft offers a nice surprise to Xbox One owners who have an Xbox Live Gold account. Indeed, the American manufacturer offers download free game today and until March 16 on Xbox Live.

It is only during this time that it will be possible to test the game, which will obviously not be necessary to explore everything. Indeed, the title has a strong lifespan and it will take several tens of hours to close all the quests.

Note, however, that you will have to take your trouble patiently, since the download weighs no less than 41.96 GB.